Friday, August 20, 2010

New Blog!! =)

Blog Shifted =)


Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm here visiting my own blog =P


I'm Back To MissPiggie's Blog..

Wow, you are missed my dear blog =P 

Anyway, I'm thinking of starting a brand new blog..

This Blog is Old!!! 

Plus there's tonnes of spammer over here.. wondering how to get rid of them :(
I'm fine ppl (for those who misses me loads ) =P

Doing goood currently.. stessing days and nights as finals is approaching in like 15 days ?

This Sem's modules are pretty tough wey..

Consequences of piling up notes and read it at the very last minute :(

but what to do.. I am  not that kind who can remember things clearly.. Shyt.. My memory seriously deteriorate faster than it is expected to be.. Noooooo~~ Mayb i neeed some gingko biloba to enhance circulation in my cerebral... :D sponsor anyone ?

Till then, going out to meeet up with elaine@eriko chan and YokeLing@Rachel Nyok Neng.. =P
Bye MissPiggie ^^

Monday, June 28, 2010


当 一男一女走在一起,
 苯氨基丙酸就会透过眼 神及身体接触增加分泌,
 当浓度不停地 增加,感情到达最浓的时候,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its Week 6 Yeah ^^


Hybernating? Such A dead blog it is..

Well, The blog is dead, but i'm still way alive here :)

Crawling through sem4.. God will Bless me i hope awww

Its Week 6 now uh huh.. time flies isnt it? sooner or later it will be week 15 n then two weeks study break and then 1 week exam and then talalala dahdah it will be Sembreak for 2 months ++ woots..

Interesting part of the whole sem is that we learn to make drugs :) :)
I've learnt to make cough suspension, eczema Cream, solution, Suppositories, Powders.. Fun right? then come to IMU pls omgee why am i advertising IMU hahaha!

Part of my products
Doesnt take much picture because of the bad picture quality.. how sad it is.. :(

Well Well Well, the hectic-est week on earth was last week! omgee its so freaking tiring..
Class Starts at 9.15am ALMOST everyday and ends around 4 to 5.. sigh~ 6 research papers to read on, 4 workshops, and 1 lab.. grrr~ See, IMU's fault, uneven distribution of classes.. was so busy last week, and this week , we have 3 days of classes only.. Anyway, have to rest nicely before another busy weeks starts :S

Ppl, pls go watch Nightmare on Elm Street if u haven do so :D
This movie is awesome.. It scares me wey ^^ i dint fall asleep through out the movie .. *thumbs up*

Till then,See ya ^^


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cycling the 2nd

Went to Cycle in Shah Alam for the 2nd time..

We Are Soo Sporty C=

Its All because of IMU's fault.. Uneven timetable.. Soo Soo Free at the beginning of the semester.. But will be hell busy towards the end..

Models For CLEO magazine? Thx to the professional Photographer MissLeePeiYing :)
7 roses and 2 thorns

A healthy activity under the Hot Sun
Woke up damn early the next morning.. 4am !!! Wanted to conquer Broga Hill.. But , we Are lost.. instead of going to somewhere near kajang, we ended somewhere near Nilai and KLIA.. :(

Nvm, We shall go there again one day.. awww... means that will be another damn early morning, can someone pls kick me down the bed??? its so damn freaking hard to force urself to open ur eyes at 4am in the morning...wonder since when i became so semangat in doing sports.. grrr~

And Oh yeah babeh, i went back to KB again for the weekend.. :)
And this is already the 5th time i went back in this year... =.= coool right?
Average 1 time per month.. LOL.. Should i go back again in June? Will be Back for sure in July ^^
I wana go back for this weekend again, pretty please? Has been so long since i last met Owee and Huimin..but i tink the dad will kill me if i do so sigh~ so, just rot in KL bah... :(

Monday, May 3, 2010



Saturday, May 1, 2010


Followed Cell Group members to A Picnic wooohoo..

1st picnic in my whole life :)

Location : Tasik Titiwangsa.

Time : 3 - 7pm